Transforming your project from idea into reality is a journey with many complexities.

  • Your building must be and do several different things. You need all the important parts, pieces, and requirements to fit together into one cohesive whole.
  • Getting this done on time really matters. You need realistic time estimates and a schedule you can count on.
  • You want the most bang for your buck. Your budget needs to be allocated to give you the highest and best result possible.
  • You deserve quality. The final product should be something you're really proud of, that makes you feel like your investment of time, energy, and resources was very well spent.

Hi, I'm Stewart and for over forty years I've worked with clients to provide personalized, pragmatic solutions to site, design, permitting, and construction challenges.


My team and I walk with our clients step-by-step, listening to their needs and working collaboratively to create win-win situations for all involved.

I believe that as an architect my highest responsibility is to be an advocate for your best interests. 

I trust you to know what you want. My job is simply to help you translate your project goals into reality as easily and effectively as possible.

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Our work typically falls into three categories ...



From optimizing for efficiency and economics to creating a built experience of your brand, commercial project design gives us the opportunity to align your architecture with your business goals and objectives. Learn more.



A commitment to support non-profit and community groups in their missions has been a staple of our practice since the very beginning.  Learn more.



We enjoy working in partnership with our clients to realize their goals for improved living environments within both single and multi-family housing projects.  Learn more. 

40+ years of getting projects done has taught me the value of small scale, personalized service.

The small size of my team gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively with you every step of the journey to completing your project.

Over four decades of experience provides the knowledge, resources, and contacts to ensure that you have everything you need to achieve your goals in the most effective, enjoyable way possible.

When I was looking for architects, Stewart wasn’t the only one I called. But, he was the only one who answered back that same day. And, he’s working with us very quickly too. Everything has been within a couple of days. Stewart is very responsive along with very knowledgeable. So far, there’s been no problems at all. It just feels a little more personal because it’s like we’re working on a project together rather than he’s doing something for me.
— Youssef Fakih, Sesame Donuts
Stewart was recommended by my contractor to take over a project from another architect who was having difficulty with the permitting process. Every expectation I had was exceeded. Stewart definitely knows how to get the job done and his knowledge, skill and experience with the process are enormous.
— Greg Slausen, Passport Photo

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  • Your best next steps to take to move forward towards your project goals

You'll also discover if you're a good fit to work together. 


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